We are one of the most recognized leaders in the Russian meat-market with 15 years of history. Based in Moscow we are engaged in wholesale of frozen meat products in 85 regions of Russia to the largest meat processing plants. We are constantly developing strong partnerships worldwide, especially focusing on South American and Asian regions. Our monthly goods turnover is about 2000-3000 metric tons.

We have at our disposal storage facilities equipped with high-tech freezing equipment, with a year-round inside temperature of minus 18 degrees Celsius, which allows our products to retain the highest quality and original appearance.

We choose only reliable logistics companies proven by the long-term cooperation to get your goods right on time and without any difficulties. We value our reputation and always do our best to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Therefore the quality of our goods always meets both international and Russian standards and are highly valued by our partners. Our mission is to provide our clients with high-quality and ecologically pure raw meat at reasonable prices and on a constant basis.

Our corporate values:

High-quality product

Excellent customer service

Effective management

Qualified personnel

Focus on long-term partnership

Wide experience and constant development